Also known as the Death Prince, Yue is the heir apparent of the Kingdom Sannakhet and the main character of the arc Empire Builder . Yue is an enigmatic figure of the Kingdom, surrounded by intense myth and speculation of his true nature. It all started when the kingdom's archbishop denounced the Prince upon his birth as being an abomination and called for his termination. He revelaed to the public that the Prince Yue was born with the genitalia of a female, while possessing the appearance of a male. This revelation caused deep turmoil in the public discouse, and many pagan groups took the opportunity to expound on the savagry of the Church . King Kagul swiftly sided with the pagan sentiment and defied the archbishop's orders, which caused further infighting among the people. The King, seeking to overthrow the church, touted the idea that the Prince Yue was the human incarnation of Anyek, the patron of death in Sannakhet's old pagan mythos. This empowered the pagan movement and in a bloody revolt the church and its supporters were expelled from the Kingdom. Sannakhet is the only Kingdom to have overturned the church's influence and to revert to their pagan roots. This caused much tension between her rivalling Kingdoms in the Northeast region of Einfallen, and has resulted in 3 wars in the last 15 years. One of which saw Sannahket overtake the Kingdom formarly known as Yzerdet. This was the first instance of a Kingdom assimilating another since the downfall of the great Kingsdom, and has directed a lot of scrutiny towards King Kagul.

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